Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting Company in ChennaiWebindia has been delivering best-in-class solutions through reliable dedicated server hosting for businesses experiencing constant high traffic. We ensure consistent performance ensuring zero degradation time for your website. Our dedicated server is wholly and solely dedicated only to your site offering a wide range of solutions.

Get non-sharing environment and robust hardware through our dependable Dedicated Server Hosting. Our powerful dedicated servers are strengthened by highly skilled tech support professionals. We have delivered service standards of the highest order in dedicated server hosting through 24 X 7 administration and support.

Dedicated server resources at a professional Data Centre for the needs of your company. Your systems and data are be available at all times

Whether you own a complex ecommerce site, work with business critical data, have high spikes of traffic or you simply need some IT assistance - we can help.

Our extensive range of dedicated servers can be tailored to meet any requirements and all budgets - it's simply a case of choosing what's right for your business.


  • Single-tenant environments to add control and security
  • Predictable RAM, Disk Space for your application, CPU Utilization for reliability
  • Flexibility in server customization, storage and network
  • Guaranteed 99.9 % network uptime
  • Provision of installing application or software according to your business need


  • 24X7 Telephone Support
  • Disk Mirroring with Hardware RAID
  • Perimeter Level Firewall
  • Branded Server with RPS
  • Lightning fast deployment of servers
  • Migration Assistance

Do More

  • Security design & implementation
  • Data security & Dedicated Firewall Management
  • Virus and Malware Scanning and Filtering
  • Installation of Advanced Policy Firewall
  • Threat Alert Management

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