Video Marketing

Advanced internet marketing and advertising medium with short videos about specific topics using content from articles and other text sources.

Video Marketing

Webindia offers premium Video SEO consulting services and related to online video publishing and promotions. We strongly believe in the power of online video marketing and we know what it takes to successfully produce, distribute, market, and optimize videos.

Next in popularity to Social Networking sites are Free Video Sharing websites, which include YouTube, Flickr, Metacafe etc. The popularity and coverage enjoyed by online videos is immense, making it a highly viable media platform to get your message across to a wide and diverse audience. We categorize your videos and broadcast them on popular video sharing websites and backed by an intelligent online marketing campaign.

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  • First level analysis and understanding of your business idea
  • Converting your business idea into a detailed script and hence developing the video
  • Identifying the best target audience to target
  • The next step is to market your video through various channels like You Tube, Vimeo and other relevant video marketing channels.
  • Nearly 60% of online users watch videos - even BEFORE reading text on the same webpage

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