Enterprise Resource Management ERP

Streamlining entire business processes into a unified system with Real-time data


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business methodology that integrates various operations of an organization. ERP extends almost into every aspect of business process like management, planning, product design, production, sales, marketing, customer support, finance, HR and Maintenance.

Webindia helps clients in estimating their automation needs, and suggest the right ERP solution. We work along with Open Source technologies like OpenERP and OpenBravo. These applications pack as much features as any other Tier-I ERP system, and they are simple to use too. Effective implementation of ERP system opens vast business improvement possibilities eliminating various barriers to growth.

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  • Better decision-making
  • Improved productivity, efficiency and responsiveness
  • Reduced costs through increased flexibility
  • Adaptability to business change
  • Better financial management and corporate governance
  • Optimized IT spending
  • Higher staff morale and productivity

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