Joomla website Development

It powers millions of websites around the world and has a wide range of plug-ins tailored towards every kind of conceivable activity. Joomla CMS customization is one of the most widely available services.


Joomla is an open-source content management system designed for developers with coding experience rather than beginners that are more dependent on website builders for creating web content.

With a broad selection of commerce and business add-ons, Joomla is decent choice for companies looking to step up their basic website to something more appealing, unique, interactive and professional.

Regardless of the business add-ons you need for your website, Joomla has them all free of charge. However, the selection of themes isn't as extensive on its website as other CMS solutions. You can easily search private website and blogs to find more, and the Joomla community is quite active and ready to help you hunt down what you need for your business website project. It is quite easy to create an eCommerce site, complete with shopping carts, point of sale systems, inventory management and affiliate tracking.

Joomla has most standard add-ons you need for a basic website, too. These include blogs, email forms, discussion forums and photo galleries. You can include user-contribution pages and allow visitors to add content. The security measures available with Joomla help protect your important content during any interactions with your site visitors. Captcha ensures that contributors sending information are human rather than machine, while being SSL compatible gives you the option to password protect sensitive pages and content.

The dashboard is easy to navigate while creating and uploading web content. Additional add-ons are available to allow document management, file distribution and project management. These programs allow you to do more with your content than simply placing it on a website but give you and your employees easy, digital access to data that is important to the overall operation of your company.

The Joomla creative dashboard is simple and intuitive, which is good since this CMS doesn't have many support options. You can browse through the online user guide and discuss options on the user forums. Social media pages are also available; however, we couldn't find any telephone number or email addresses to use in order to ask questions. Most of our inquiries were answered through the user forums.

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  • Fast, safe, and easy editing
  • Powerful and easy menu creation tool
  • Open source infrastructure
  • Infrastructure versatility
  • Built-in caching
  • Built-in basic SEO functionality
  • Multilingual support
  • Vibrant and friendly community
  • Reliable support by 3rd party companies
  • Huge library of extensions
  • Security updates
  • Compatible with nearly all browsers