SMO - Social Media Optimization

Most preferred platform to reach your customers, build new relationships, to share information / pictures / videos / experiences


SMO is not only about marketing and brand building. It refers to use of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity & awareness of a product, brand or event. SMO can be used to build a business-to-business (B2B) and also business-to-consumer (B2C) engagement and boost revenue by getting more leads.

Webindia can help you to use social media to generate prospects, and then capture prospects as leads. Webindia offers effective social networking, marketing and social media optimization services. We combine SMO with Social Media Marketing (SMM) and our experts strategize to drive traffic from your customers through Facebook pages, YouTube channels and blogs.

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  • Setting up & Managing Social media profiles
  • Presence and user engagement on Facebook/Twitter
  • Creating Buzz and Boosting likes and followers
  • Active Social Engagement
  • Joining social groups to create awareness

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