Email Marketing

Marketing a commercial message to a group of people using e-mail

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing campaign is still the most popular way to reach out to a large group of target audience. Without doubt, e-mail campaign offers personalized marketing right into the hands of the customers. The success of this is dependent on how it is planned, designed and executed.

Webindia is one of the best e-mail marketing companies in India. Creating a relevant e-mail campaign and achieving higher success rate is a complex task. We spend time understanding your business and your clients before we develop an e-mail marketing campaign. Our bulk e-mail marketing services are planned intelligently so that it will act as a prominent tool for reaching out to potential clients and boosts sales.

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  • Designing professional & aesthetic e-mail newsletters
  • Build and manage e-mail lists
  • Facebook & Twitter Social Media e-mail marketing integration
  • Real time tracking and analysis
  • Campaign Launch & management
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Build your Customer Directory

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